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Saturday, September 1, 2007


DO`S :

Any transaction on your SBI Card should be done in your presence.

Remember to collect your SBI Card after every ATM transaction or purchase.

Keep your ATM PIN confidential. Do not pass it on to anyone else for processing your transaction or write it down on your SBI Card.

Ensure that while transacting on the ATM you have complete privacy. .

In case you lose your SBI Card, please call the SBI Card help line immediately.

Be alert for scam e-Mails. These are designed to trick you into downloading virus or disclosing sensitive information.

Beware of phony look alike websites, designed to trick you and collect your personal information.

If you suspect someone to be pretending to be from SBI Card, please call us immediately.


Please do not handover your card/ATM pin to any person claiming to be from SBI Card or any other Agency/Competitor Bank, even if he produces an ID card.

Please do not provide any personal/financial/credit card related information on the unknown Internet site or respond to any e-mail seeking such information from you. In case you do receive such an email from any source, please inform the SBI Card Customer Help line immediately.

Preferably transact on sites which are secure and mandate validation of CVC2 value (the last 3 digits after the card number printed on the signature panel at the back of the card)

Do not disclose your security password/pin no. to any person.

Do not disclose your sensitive credentials like transactions, credit limit to any other person.

Please do not entertain any incoming calls (soliciting information/sales related) with respect to your SBI Card wherein your personal data/ details are asked.

Please do not throw or return the card without cutting the same in multiple pieces across magnetic stripe.